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En-suite shower head / lighting question

10 years ago

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on whether I should place shower fixtures from the long or the short wall in the sketch below (it currently shows the previous shower head location). The current plan has me installing a ceiling mounted rain head as well as a hand shower and new mixing/control knobs.

Related questions:
1) If I put the controls and hand shower on the short wall, should I should center the rain head or leave it offset towards the wall.

2) If the rain-head were centered in the shower, I'd also need to move an existing electrical box (not a big deal). Does anyone have a suggestion as to whether I use one central fixture or two fixtures?

3) Is a 35" x 60" shower really large enough for a bench and/or foot-rest? I've drawn a small footrest in the corner in the image, but we are also contemplating installing a longer (but somewhat shallow) bench along the short-wall. Would it look silly to have the bench on the same wall as the shower mixing/control knobs?

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