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Plaster walls done! Need wall help please

15 years ago

We finally have plastered walls!! It has taken forever to reach this point.

We are so happy we opted to pay the extra for this. I love my smooth ceilings. The quality of the work is exceptional. The plaster crew even cleaned up after they were finished as I noticed a few others have not. Our room upstairs needs to be taped as well as the garage and we are ready for primer.

The power company finally came to give us electricity. Our house was built up to this point using generators. The grading has started and we have discovered we might have enough of our own loam for a 4" base. Wherever we can save $$ is a bonus.

We do have one area of the house where we are trying to figure what to do. The back side corner of the house where the land slopes we need to find a solution to the space that was created by the use of rocks to hold earth back. I do not know if they can just grade the area to fit. Possibly it will eventually colapse without support. We placed a side window in the walk out area of the basement which I probably would not have done if I realized it would be a problem. I am so decisioned out at this point I am lost. If anyone has any ideas please send them along. I have updated photos. The problem area photos are listed under wall. We have many rocks that were excavated during the clearing that we plan to use in our landscaping. Our land also has many stone walls throughout as well which is one the wonderful features.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dragonfly Photos

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