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Textured paint on walls/ Textured plaster on ceilings - help!

16 years ago

Our house is a circa 1910 Colonial (maybe Victorian wannabe due to some pretty ornate crown and window mouldings). Have two current issues:

1- Previous owners covered cracks in the plaster ceilings by doing a deep-grooved plaster layer over all the ceilings in the house. It's hideous, and the cracks are starting to come through with pieces of ceiling falling to the floor. Not good with small kids in house. Can/should this be re-plastered, or should we sheetrock? Can this be done while we live here? It's not a big house and the rooms are not big so it would be next to impossible to empty out room by room to fix. Can DIYers do this on weekends?

2- Previous owners also "upgraded" the bathrooms using the world's cheapest and ugliest tiles for wainscotting and then shiny, deeply textured paint from about 3'6" up to the ceiling (and yes, the ceilings are then textured plaster. Pretty.). I am determined to neutralize the tile by getting rid of the texture on the walls and painting. Any suggestions on getting rid of the wall texture, again, greatly appreciated.

I have learned so much from lurking on these forums, and owe a lot of our budget kitchen reno to threads found here. Looking forward to hearing any / all advice on this.


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