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How can I save money on bathroom shower and floor work?

14 years ago

Long story short, a plumbing leak in our master bath has brought us to the conclusion that we need to retile our 36"x36" shower and install a new base...and, while we're at it, perhaps install a new tile floor in Master Bath (currently, it's vinyl sheet in a southwestern inspired pattern. ICK). The bathroom shower and floor are about 20 years old and in need of updating.

I've gotten two quotes for labor, NO materials - both about 4k to 5k for the shower and the floor. The more expensive quote includes demolition and is provided by a company that offers 'turnkey' service. I feel comfortable w/ them and they will make the process easy for me. The cheaper one does not include demolition and is just a remodeling service by a VERY busy guy who won't be getting to this project until Sept. Neither quote includes the cost of tile, shower pan and new door, or a new shower head and valve/valve cover.

Are there any ways for me to reduce costs a little on the labor? Or do these sound reasonable? I *think* the bathroom floor space is about 6x9, but is an odd shape due to our angled jacuzzi tub.

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