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Should I caulk between the bathroom floor and shower stall?

5 years ago

We bought this house in April and recently finished remodelling the bathroom. The person who did the work informed us that the floor beneath the old shower stall was rotted from water. Thus we replaced the wood flooring there before applying the new tile. Although we are careful not to let excess water drip on the floor, I am worried that good habits will not be enough to avoid the floor becoming rotted out again. In fact, the ~2 month old grout looks like it already has a gap... this gap might have been there all along, but I am just now noticing it. I am wondering if it is a good idea to apply a silicone caulk over the grout in this area, or if that will just exacerbate things should moisture drip there. Pictures of the area I am describing are below. I am referring to the grout line between the gray floor tile and the base of the shower stall.

Maybe I am worrying over nothing and should leave well enough alone. This house is nearly 50 years old and I have a feeling it took about that long for the floor to get to the state we found it in. But even if it takes 50 more years for the issue to return, I would rather avoid that trouble in my old age if all it takes is a little prevention now. :)

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