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Grout colorant? Grout haze remover? Grout mess!

11 years ago

Our contractors installed carrara hex tiles on our bathroom floor with Latcrete Smoke Grey grout (sanded). On the walls they installed subway tiles with white grout.

The bathroom was finally finished yesterday, and imperfections aside, I love it! But I noticed areas where they must have gotten wall grout on the floor and not cleaned it up well. And it drives me crazy! In those areas the gray grout is very washed out and looks like it has a white film over it. I went at it with a sponge and some mild soap. It didn't really help. In a couple of inconspicuous areas I scraped at the grout and there was the gray underneath the white layer.

This project ran 3 weeks long and it seems like everything I asked the contractors to fix just created more problems. So at this point I don't want them back in the bathroom trying to fix this.

So how do I fix it myself? Short of scraping off the top layer, I don't really know where to start. I've been reading about grout colorants and grout haze removers. Do either of those products sound like they would help with this problem? Other ideas? Could I scrape off some of it and do like a skim coat of grout? The floor was sealed with Miracle 511, if that makes any difference.

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