Rural road lot with telephone poles/lines in front..bad idea?

9 years ago

We currently have a deposit a lot. We are working with the builder and architect to come up sketch drawings to get a price for the package before purchasing the lot.

I'm getting cold feet that the lot isn't the right one. We like it overall, great location, beautiful town etc. The only problem is that there are telephone poles running along the road, then the run down the left side of the property to go to a house that's set way back. They didn't bother me before, but now I'm realizing they may be an eyesore. I'm not sure if I'm just over blowing the concerns...I mean, there are telephone poles everywhere and I pay no attention to them. I guess it just seems really 'wirey' with the front and side having lines.

With that said, there are many beautiful homes built on the same road with telephone poles/electrical lines. Most of them have more trees around, so they sort of blend in. Our lot doesn't have trees in front, so they stick out more.

Thoughts? Thanks!!!

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