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DWO or oven and micro/convection combo?

14 years ago

I'm looking for some advice on the whole oven/cooktop arrangement. I never realized when I went down the kitchen remodel path how much appliance choice dictates layout and vice versa. I am trying to maximize counter space, but also have things be convenient, accessible.

Do any of you have that combo of wall oven with the second oven a microwave/convection combo? I cook/bake often, but honestly rarely use two ovens at once as I am more likely to use burners and one oven. I probably use the second oven 6x per year. Microwave is used daily. Does that kind of oven work in microwave mode just as a countertop micro? Does it also work well enough in oven mode to be a side-dish kind of cooking or baking in a pinch?

Anyway, my architect is very opposed to microwave on counter, I don't love idea of putting it in a garage, don't want the micro drawer, and don't want it above cooktop because kids need to access it too. I may just buy a sleek looking one and put it on the counter! (She told me I just have to hide it when she comes over.)


Also, will the oven with micro/convection end up costing the same as just a pair of wall ovens? (I would assume so.)

If you do have this combo, what brand do you have and are you happy?

Any advice?

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