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Marble I crazy?

11 years ago

Torn between doing a marble shower or going with a basic white ceramic subway tile in the shower. My husband hates the white subway tile (says it looks cheap and boring). We saw crackle subway tile and he liked that...but then after doing more research I am thinking that may be worse than going with marble. We are doing our master bathroom in calacatta gold and are looking for a traditional, elegant, yet contemporary and clean look.

I am concerned with maintenance and what may be involved in putting marble in a shower. I know we will need to seal it and use special cleaning products, but what else? Can we use whatever shampoo and soap we typically use or would we need to change all of the products we use in the shower? What do we need to consider when putting marble in a shower?

If we do marble, should we do polished or honed in the shower? Concerned with water spots and etching on the polished and am thinking these wouldn't show as much with the honed. What are the pros and cons of honed vs polished in the shower. Ironiclly we are planning on putting polished on the rest of the bathroom floor...probably another mistake, but I am better about cleaning floors than showers :)

Also if we forgo the marble and go with ceramic tiles, we would still want to do a marble mosaic tile floor and niche. If we do the marble tile floor, does that negate the entire purpose of using ceramic wall tiles? In other words won't I still have the same issues of having to use special cleaners, and possibly shampoos, soaps, etc? Should the marble mosiac floor tile be honed or polished?

Any advise and input would be appreciated. I know ceramic would be the cheaper route, but if money was no object...curious as to what others would choose?

Also any other tile suggestions would be appreciated.


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