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GE profile double oven gas range vs. GE cafe double oven range

10 years ago

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping you can help...

I am trying to decide between the GE Profile Slide-In Double Oven Gas Range PGS950SEFSS and the GE Cafe Double Oven Gas Range CGS990SETSS.

As far as I can tell from side-by-side comparisons, they aren't very different. There are some differences in the grates and oven racks, and the Profile has two convection ovens while in the Cafe only one oven is convection. I've found them for prices around 2500-2700, and I'm wondering why the Cafe is ~200 more expensive. Is it really just the looks?

I'd really love it if someone could help me understand if there are performance differences or reliability differences that I'm missing!

I've read a lot on this forum (thank you!!), and though I really would love to have a higher end stove, we're just not yet willing to drop more than 3k on a range. I love to cook and do cook most every night, and I want something that looks nice but that performs very well. We did also look at Verona and Bertazzoni a little bit because we liked the idea of a "focal piece" in the kitchen, but in the end it seemed silly to me to pay more for something that might not perform quite as well and that might be a bit less reliable. Do tell if I'm making a terrible error of logic!!

One note that might be helpful: We're doing a complete gutting and redo on the kitchen. In an ideal world, I'd probably choose a gas cooktop and double electric wall ovens BUT we have to buy the appliances now and won't do the demo for a year (long story). I'm not restricted by size, though I can't see going smaller than 30, and larger than 36 might be too big for this kitchen.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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