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Wht. size is your kitchen island & how do you use yours?

17 years ago

Look @ our plan: The Glenhaven

The kitchen is 14'4" x 14'9" with a tiny island. The island is actually 2' x 3'.... What is everyone else using their island for? We don't want a sink placed in it, but we do definitely want the GE Profile Beverage Fridge placed underneath, which is counter height & ~ 2ft. wide & 2ft. deep. We believe that it will fit the tiny island perfectly & w/ maybe enough space for a tiny cabinet on the side.

The builders standard for the island is ~3ft. wide & 4ft. long..... What exactly would we do w/ such a tiny island if we left it as is (2' x 3')? BUT, we definitely don't want to lose any floor space if we do go w/ the larger island size that is standard for the builder. Also, I'm thinking that there is a reason for the plan to only have such a tiny island in the kitchen. We haven't been to see the cabinet maker yet as we'll be getting started within the nxt. 3-4wks (waiting for the engineering changes & the Town to approve the plans).

Plz. give us ideas.... Does anyone else have a Beverage Center in the kitchen & where did you put it?

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