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Good Master Bathroom Tile Design???

11 years ago

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We came up with this sketch for the tile design.


White / bamboo-ish porcelain tile on the floors. bathtub deck, and walls. Glass green tiles off set right to left on the three big surfaces.


Better porcelain pic


Should be similar to this floor


The left side of the bathroom will have a built in shelf for soap / shampoo made out of the leftover green glass tile, or this subway tile (we'd use a different color obviously)


Thoughts on the design? It's modern, and the off set green stripe might be a little too out there, but I don't know how else to incorporate it. I don't want 1 long line, that would be dumb. I don't like a horizontal strip across the 3 shower walls either really. It just breaks up the vertical flow too much.

Note - The green tile is very expensive (and freaking amazing to see in person), so I don't want to use too much...our design is about 12 sq ft, which is already pushing the budget pretty good.

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