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Need help with Master Bathroom design

15 years ago

We have finally decided to remodel the master bedroom/bath. Its a large room overall 32' x 21' total, the master bedroom is huge compared to the bath. we currently have a fiberglass shower/tub combo and a 8x8 walk in closet. We are working with an architect to break it up a bit and he has provided the following as an idea. This will be a DIY job. I am good at building/tiling etc but lousy at designing. Does this look okay from you experts. Also, any recommendations for websites that have good inspirations. I can copy!

the new master bath/closet area is approx 14' x 21'. we have room to move is necessary. the challenge is leaving the entry door where it is. This will leave the master bedroom ~18' x 21'

this was the concept:

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