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Help with small master bathroom design

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I am having trouble making decisions on our master bathroom redo. It has no windows and is fairly small (made smaller by dividing into two rooms). I've attached a current layout and pictures of the current (very ugly!) bathroom.

What I am currently thinking:

- Keep two rooms, we do like being able to use sinks when someone is in the shower, especially since our kids often use this shower.

- Take out tub and weird shelves around tub and replace with a walk in shower with no door.

- Attached picture shows my current thinking for floor and shower tiles.


- Building a walk in shower will require another partial wall - that will likely divide the area up even more

- Could help divisions by taking out wall between shower and vanity area, but then would a walk in shower be too cold?

- If we build a smaller shower, we could possibly put in a tub as well, but I think that might be tight and we'd have to change plumbing around

- Color choices for tiles? I know that I want light colors because of no natural light, but any thoughts on these? The floor tile (wood look) is what is in other areas of our house already. I am thinking of looking for something with more variation/movement so that it's not quite so plain.

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