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Island range hood/venting advice needed

11 years ago

Hello all, it's my first post here, and thanks for all the useful information in the forum.

We are buying a new condo with an island range design. The problem is that the current range hood is installed way too high from the range, and I can barely turn on the hood (I'm short, but I'm of an average women's height!)

In addition, the hood does not vent outside.

Interestingly, there is a vent (similar to a bathroom vent in a typical apartment, 100CFM) located 3 feet away from the vent where the filtered air comes out of the hood, so I see a potential to re-design and re-install a hood to utilize this external venting duct. To do so, we'll need to have a three feet pipe on the kitchen ceiling to run from the hood, to the external vent.

The current hood is also an insert style, so I'll get rid off it to install a new island hood.

The range is Bertazzoni Professional Series X365GGVNE. So I need a size 42" hood. Total BTU is 52,500, so I'll need at least 600 CFM. I'm thinking 900-1200 because it's island mount. Style wise, I want something that looks like this:

Zephyr Arc Duo Collection ADLE42ASX (less expensive model works too, but if this one really does a much better job, I can bite the bullet).

Now, do you have any better recommendations on a powerful and more quiet hood (has to look very similar to the above), and how should I incorporate the hood to my current venting situation (internal blower?)

How should I install it? Should I buy the hood myself, and then contact a local installer to work on the vent? Or should I contact a local kitchen designer for a quote? What's the proper procedure? How much does installation (including material) cost for a job like this?

Thank you very much for your advice.

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