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Advice for hood/range for apartment kitchen--unable to vent

14 years ago

After spending a lot of time on this forum and talking with appliance stores we are looking to purchase a 36" gas range (likely with 6 burners(no gridlle/grill)) either the Wolf or Bluestar. The problem is we are doing a renovation on a NYC COOP and cannot vent to the outside of the building. One appliance person said he couldn't sell us the Wolf without venting to the outside. (My wife cooks a fair amount.)

1. Can we put in one of the above ranges without venting to the outside?

2. If so what do you think the CFM/ size requirement for the hood should be bearing in mind that it will eat up precious cabinet space?

3. What would be the maximum BTUs you could have in the apartment without venting out?

I would be grateful for any advice.



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