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Need advice re range hood motor and venting please

11 years ago

I am getting a bit confused about the differences between in hood, inline and external blowers and which would work best for my space. I have read that roof mounted blowers can be quieter than in hood blowers, but maybe not if the roof is right above the kitchen.

Our range will be installed against an internal wall. (New wall to be constructed as part of reno.) We have a vaulted wood ceiling that is about 10' high in the range area, and the roof is just right on top of the ceiling. There is no attic or other space between ceiling and roof. (We can't even have recessed lights.) I am considering a chimney style hood that vents straight up through the roof, but we would need a custom chimney piece due to the height. I am also considering a wall mounted hood without a chimney that would vent into the wall and then up, but I am not sure how to fit a 6-8" duct into a 4" thick wall! I read in another thread that a 3" deep but wide duct could replace an 8" round duct - is that correct?

What type of hood blower and venting option would you recommend for a vaulted ceiling with no attic? We are going for a modern aesthetic for our 1960 California ranch. The range is a 36" Wolf AG with four 16,000 btu burners and a 16,000 btu grill, although I rarely use more than 2 burners at a time.

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