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Floor leveling question with new tile installation

14 years ago

Hi, I hope someone here has a helpful hint for this problem that I am having. I have removed all of the tile in my bathroom. I am almost ready to install the new tile. After removing the tile I noticed by a doorway that there was a small amount of mold on the wall. I took out a section of drywall and noticed that at the end of a bottom plate stud, that about six inches of the end were rotten. I checked around the shower membrane and all was fine. I poured a bit of water on the bathroom floor and it all ran to the area where the wood is rotten. The water does not rush towards the area it is very slow to get there. But it does end up there. My question is what do you think would be the best way to keep this from happening. I thought about spreading the thinset a bit thicker on the outermost tiles in that area to get the water from pooling against the wall. I think that if I raise the edges of the tile about 3 or 4 mm that this would solve the problem and keep the water out from under the wall. If you have any ideas that could help please let me know. I would greatly appreciat it.


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