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Help - Small Bathroom Remodel - tiles?

14 years ago

Hi All!

I'm new to remodeling and I'm very indecisive so your help is greatly appreciated.

We are remodeling both the master and guest bathroom. They have the same layout - flip flopped and the size is similar.

Guest Bathroom measurement: Narrow and long (62 inches by 119 inches).

Master Bathroom measurement: Narrow and long ( 62 inches by 131 inches)

Counter top: Stellar Snow

Cabinets: Dark Oak: I'm having a local furniture maker make our cabinets to make it seem more like a furniture - a lil contemporary flare. We haven't drawn up a design yet.

Floor Tiles: I like the brick layout and thought a bigger rectangle tile would make my bathroom seem wider. I'm not a fan of white floor tiles because I don't like dirt showing but I don't want to go too dark because I want the bathroom to feel airy and with dark cabinets already, I'm afriad that the bathroom will look too small. Thoughts on tile color/brand?

Tiles for the bathtub surround (shower/bathtub):

For the Master bathroom, I'd like larger tiles because I don't want to worry about mold growing in the grout.

For the guest bathroom, I wouldn't mind going a little flasy.

Backsplash tiles: I'm not sure if I should put money towards this area as I will have large mirrors but would it add interest? I'm thinking I could go flasy with the guest bathroom.

We plan on moving in a couple of years so I don't want to be too flashy.


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