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Small Bathroom Help 6'6'' x 5'. Convert Bedroom to Bathroom?

14 years ago

I have attached my floor plan. Hopefully it is readable. 1958 Rambler, I have 3 bedrooms on the main level along with the kitchen, living, dining area. Problem is, I am running into some serious trouble making a useful bathroom out of the space I have 5 x 6'6". I am almost wondering If I should convert a bedroom into a bathroom and turn the small full bath into a half bath.


In the basement I have a large 6ft tub so I wouldnt mind getting rid of the tub on the main level, but even then it seems the biggest shower I could get would be 32" which is pretty small for a 6'2 200lb guy.

So my options are covert the small bedroom in the middle front (With the small 3ft closet) to a master bathroom which would have a doorway to the main bedroom which is on the right front or remodel the bathroom where it is...somehow

I will attach a better readable blueprint in the morning.

I am looking for suggestions either way or pictures of similar sized bathroom set ups.

Thanks in advance

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