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How do you like this open concept bathroom (no bathroom-bedroom wall)

9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

I want to add a new bathroom into a bedroom in my 4bdr 3bath house. It does not fit in the bedroom as a "standard" bathroom, therefore I decided to experiment with an open concept bathroom (i.e. a bathroom with no wall separating it from the bedroom). I basically reduced the size of the existing closet and added a bathroom into the wall. I attach pre-post drawings and renderings of the planned open concept bathroom. I know that the open concept bathrooms, although becoming popular in many luxury hotels, are still not well seen, but I would love it if you could please give me some honest constructive criticism. The room is meant to be for single occupancy, it is part of my house where I live, I rent it out on Airbnb and by adding this bathroom I can increase on average the price by ~$500 per month for each of the 2 bedrooms that now share a hallway bathroom. In a few years, I would like to get married and have kids, and stop renting, and I think that when one of my kids will be 10+ years old he/she will be happy of having an ensuite bathroom. Hopefully, the house value will increase as well. Do you have any comments/suggestions on the design? In particular, I have this calacatta oro by Bedrosian tiles on the bathroom wall in all renderings, except for one rendering in which I have put this Emser Uptown Manhattan. Which one do you like the most? Note that:

1) I will have engineered white oak woodfloor ($13/sqf) installed everywhere. Yes risky, but if it will get ruined I will put floor tiles on that tiny bathroom area.

2) I am debating if that curtain for privacy (in case exceptionally the airbnb guest wanna bring a partner for the weekend) should cover only the toilet or should be long enough to go all the way to hide the shower as in the rendering (note that a mid-way support to the wall is missing on the shower rod and should be added).

3) I sent the drawings to the city and they said it is fine as long as the vanity drain is moved toward the shower by 4 inches (I am getting a custom vessel sink with offset drain).

4) The fan is on top of the shower, I will have a humidity sensor that will be sized based on the square footage f the entire bedroom.

5) The vanity mirror is a medicine cabinet for extra storage.

6) Shower fixtures are matt black, I was not able to change them from stainless to black

7) The exact shower is this, I don't have the 3D model of it:

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