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Bathroom sinks/vanity are IN bedroom, not bathroom- HUH?

9 years ago

When we purchased our home, one of the things I had to make a concession on (meaning, didn't love it, but it wasn't big enough to make me not want the house) was the location of the master bathroom sink & vanity. They are actually IN my bedroom. The "master bath" consists of a tub and toilet. That's it. Then, in my bedroom, right outside the bathroom door, is a double sink vanity, with a light that's bright enough to play nighttime baseball with. It's an issue when one of us needs to get up earlier than the other for work, because it inevitably means either we are both awake, or one of us has to skulk off to use the main bathroom in the house, which isn't always convenient, or quiet. I don't even know what this "style" is called, or why someone would think this was a good idea. I've seen it a lot here in our area, but no one can explain it, not even my realtor.
So, of course the solution is to just enclose the whole space, right? Well, if I didn't have vaulted, exposed wood ceilings, that'd be super easy. I'm trying to figure out how to do this without breaking the bank, or my spirit. Any ideas? Has anyone out there had this type of bathroom in their home? What is this called??

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