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Bedroom/Bathroom Layout Help! Jack & Jill or Not?

12 years ago

When we started designing our house we really liked the idea of a jack & jill bathroom for the kids. However, the more I've thought about it I'm not so sure anymore. I've read a lot of the posts on this site about the cons of jack & jill baths. I've attached scans of bedroom 2 & 3 on the main floor (1st scan) with small walk-in closets and jack & jill bath. I've also attached scan of bedrooms 4 & 5 in the basement (2nd scan) with traditional closets and shared bath with guest access. What are others thoughts about just using the same layout as the basement on the main floor but add a double vanity. I feel standard closets would actually be larger than the small walk-ins and we could eliminate any problems the jack & jill may lead to (privacy, lock outs, etc.). This would also give a second bath with public access for guests. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Mitch.



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