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How would you spend a $20k budget? A $15k budget?

10 years ago

Hi all,

Thanks in advance if you are reading this. We are building a house soon and trying to pin down our appliance "package" for the new build. Currently, our architect spec'd out a Thermador package that includes a range top, dishwasher, double wall ovens. There is also a drawer microwave by sharp, and a kitchen aid free standing fridge. And a washer/dryer pair. Total came to $20k.

I'd rather get an idea on what the consensus is from a well-informed panel like this. If you don't mind chiming in. And I wouldn't mind saving some if I could as well. The problem for us in trying to price it out is that we hate dealing with the appliance shops and it seems hard to get pricing info without doing that.

Here is what we are looking for:

-36" range top, gas (we like the "look" and we like to cook; nothing wrong with induction but we just decided to stick with gas because that is an upgrade from our electric glass anyway)

-two ovens (either a dual unit or two units stacked)

-dishwasher, high quality

-microwave (unless people think we could achieve this by making a one of the ovens an Advantium or similar)

-refrigerator (we go back and forth on this, built-in vs not, as well as size 36" or 42" or even 48" - not sure how much a family of four will need, but our 36" freestanding Samsung with french doors worked great)

These items will all be relatively in view given the open floor plan; the family room is right next to the kitchen, so there will be no way these appliances won't be seen. Except for dishwasher and microwave drawer (if we go that route) which will be on the island facing in.

thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice

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