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Second Timber Den!

18 years ago

I posted last week about finding my first timber rattlesnake den. One week later and me and my buddy found another! My friend installed an air conditioner in an old mans house and some how got on the topic of timber rattlesnakes. He told him that he owns a rock quarry from the late 1800s that is covered with them. We went there this weekend and found a great place to find snakes. It is basically a old quarry that is covered with tin, boards, and trash. Truely a snake hunter's paradise! We didnt find anything under the trash but I did happen to spot three huge timbers basking on a big rock pile. When I got too close, they all took off under the layer upon layer of huge rocks. There was no getting them out for pictures. I did happen to get a picture of a rattle but I dont know how it turned out though. I cant wait to return in a couple of weeks if the weather permits.


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