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Mourning Dove or...?

11 years ago

G'morning everyone. I've been reading/lurking here for quite a while, although I've been a long-time Garden Web member.

Two days ago, while working in my backyard, I kept hearing what I thought might be a dove or a pigeon. That evening I listened to dove songs at Cornel Labs. I had the window open in my home office, and at the same time I could hear the bird outside. The song was not the same, but a little similar.

Last evening when I went outside this striking bird was sitting in my neighbour's tree. Went for the camera and took several pics. I am a raw beginner to bird watching, but this bird looks only partially like a mourning dove. It seems lighter in colour, the feet are the same, only a faint black mark on its cheek, no black marks on the wing, and a white band on the back of its neck. I googled images of mourning doves, including females and juveniles, but none have the white neck band. No singing last evening.

I realize now I should have tried to include more of the tail, so this is the best I've got. Can anyone positively identify this beautiful bird for me?


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