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Mourning Dove - Blue Jay attack?

13 years ago

We have a foot+ of snow and lots of competition for the bird feeders, including several blue jays who arrived recently. I know Jays are aggressive birds, but I just witnessed what I believe was a mourning dove attack a blue jay, pinning it (much squealing and squawking, which is what got my attention) and then flying off into the woods. At some point, after a stop of two (I am outside yelling at them at this point), the two birds separated in the air and went different directions.

My question: I know jays attack other birds, but I can practically swear that this was the mourning dove carrying the jay (danging from below it) off to the woods. Is that possible? Is it common? Or am I seeing things??

I know we need to leave nature alone and there is a certain amount of violence in the natural course of things... but it's hard not to want to intervene to save a life. I suspect both birds are okay... but am I going to see more of this??

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