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Mourning Doves...population growing!

20 years ago

I'm a bird lover, I do everything in my power to provide a safe haven for every sort. I plant plants that will provide food, especially those that offer winter berries. I have feeders and plenty of water scattered throughout my garden. Seems all those that take to the air, are quite content.

I had a new visitor this spring, a Mourning Dove. A rather brave soul I might add, she had no fear of coming up to the deck and cleaning up the dropped seeds from my feeders. Soon to follow, a male. With that, expressions of love without modesty in my garden. lol To beat the heat she's always found nestled down in the mulch. No problem there, but lo & behold, a third arrives on the scene...a fourth...fifth. All female. Seems the male has outlived his usefulness and has been given the boot. Now I have as many as three at a time sleeping in the mulch (crushing my young plants) plants that could someday be a birds food. This morning number six arrived. Help?!! I don't want to see them harmed in any way, but how can I discourage them from setting up house? Instead of tippy-toeing past their sleeping area, should I be shooing them away? Any suggestions? Any ideas, I'd be ever so grateful.


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