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Mourning a Mourning Dove

13 years ago

This Mourning Dove is now in mourning, or worse, murdered, mutilated, and digested. She started building this nest several weeks ago, and I decided to let her borrow the Haworthia for a while, hoping she wouldn't damage the plant which I have been growing for a long time. Recently, she had been sitting on her nest 24/7, and did not flee when I used the flash to photograph her a few days ago. A very dedicated and determined Mom was she.

But the next morning, I noticed she was standing up a bit, and staring at me, looking anxious and fidgety. I didn't think too much of it, and wondered if the eggs were hatching (I assumed there were eggs, but did not want to disturb her nest to look). The day after that I saw she was gone, her nest destroyed and scattered. There were a few small plants nocked off the rack, but undamaged. I think a neighborhood feline must have gotten to her eggs, and maybe her. Anyway, here she is in happier times:




Sad Brad ;(

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