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NEW: Theme Garden Seed Swap 2011-2012

12 years ago

I said last year that I would be hostess for the Theme Garden Swap which has been going on annually for several years. However, I see that there are already quite a few seed swaps in the works and wondered if this swap is even needed this year. You don't have to actually sign up now - this is just for me to see that if it is held, you will likely participate and you would like to see us hold this swap once again.

If there is enough interest I will post it "for real" towards Thanksgiving and allow for several weeks for sign ups and then you will not mail your seeds to me until sometime around Jan. 10th. That will allow for the sorting and sending to be done after the holidays and the winter sowers will have time to receive their seeds and plant during the winter if that is what you like to do - others can just plant in the spring.

For anyone who doesn't know what this is, we send in a list of what type of seeds we would like to receive by theme. For example, there could be the Patriotic Theme (red, white, and blue or plants with patriotic names), Shady Ladies (plants that grow well in the shade), Boys Night Out (things that boys/men would relate to - Bachelor Buttons, etc.), Outer Space (plants with star or planetary or related names) - well, you get the picture. I think we each listed 5 themes and many of the people who sign up are so creative with the names of the themes and many are also so creative with how they get a certain seed to fit into a category.

So just post here is you are interested and if at least 15 or more are interested, I will plan to post the swap for sign ups in a few weeks.

I filled in once before for Kim and as this finished up last year, Kim said she could not be the hostess for this one so that's why it is being posted by me.


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