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NEW: New 2011 New Years Day Fresh Seed Swap

13 years ago

Welcome to the New 2011 New Years Day Fresh Seed Swap

***** This is open to anyone that would like to participate in a group swap, and can send a few or as many as you would like of seed packets, details are following:

1) Send in any kind of seeds you would like, specifics are below, as just a guideline to the amount of seeds per packet... If the seeds are tiny(100+) seeds per packet, if small(50+), if medium (25+), if large (10), use you own discretion, if in doubt, just add extra seeds per packet.

2) Include a list of what you sent and how many of each variety you sent, and if you have a preference in return, flowers, vegetable, ornamental grasses, trees and vines, mixed.

3) Please send no more than 10 of each variety unless you have some named rare varieties, and then you can send more of each variety.

4) Include enough postage and a return label to you, for us to return your new fresh seeds to you, or if you wish to

include a self addressed envelope inside, you may also do this.

5) If you do send rarer named varieties of seeds, I will try to send you the same if possible, but much will depend on what others send into the swap, but this is fun, and you will receive a nice surprise package early in the year. The seed packets are Due January 8th, 2011.

6) This is a great opportunity to get rid of extra seeds and receive lots of new varieties to try, so enjoy yourself and have fun, its an opportunity for you to share with others and also receive lots of new seeds for your time and effort.

7) If for some reason you dont hear back from me, please contact me at Willy your host and will try to send you the details for the swap, and where to send the seeds to.

8)If you are new to this, this is a great way to start up and get a good headstart. Whether you gather seeds or purchase some seeds bulk, this will give you a great opportunity for you to try new items at a fraction of the cost of buying them individually.. it just takes a little time, and its fun... so sign on today.. We look forward to hearing from you.. and for all those that just signed on to the Back to School Swap, you should receive your seed packets within the next couple of weeks.. many blessings.

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