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NEW: New Fresh Back to School/Fall Seed Swap 2011

12 years ago

Hello everyone, it is that time of the year again, and you know what that means. Time for everyone to sign up to the New 2011 Fresh Back to School/ Fall Seed Swap. Many have participated in the years past and hopefully this will be the best year ever, and whether you have 10 packets or hundreds, please join in the fun today.

Here are the Details for the 2011 Fresh Back to School/

Fall Seed Swap:

1) You can send in as many seed packets as you would like, but try to limit it to no more than 10 packets of the same named variety unless they are rare, new introductions, or specialty named varieties and then there is no limit number.

2) Seed counts are just a guideline, these are minimal guidelines, if you want to fill your packets that is fine if you have lots of seed. If large minimum 12, medium 25, small 50+, and tiny 100+ seeds per packet.

3) Make a list of the seed varieties that you are including, so this will help for me to return to you none of your own seeds and different varieties back to you. I will try to reward those that send in the more rare or exotic varieties with more unusual ones in return.

4) Ideally it would be great to insert a self addressed bubble envelope and enough postage to return your new seeds back to you, or enough postage and a nice size return label to return your new seeds back to you.

5) If you want to send in extra seed for newbies's please indicate how many that you are sending in for newbies, and I will try to distribute them to the newbies or those just getting started. Just let me know how many are extras and how many you would like returned to you.

6) &hless specified, I will send you an assortment of all types of seed. If you prefer flowers, vegetables, ornamental grasses, flowering busheds and trees, please indicate so. If theere are a couple of specific varieties, that you are on your super hot list, if able to, if received from others participating in the swap, maybe some of those will be included in your packet.

7) People love to try more varieties , so please try to include as many different named varieties as possible.

8) This is fun, so have an enjoyable time while preparingby sending in and receiving in return lots of new seed varieties to try. Please return your seeds in by the first part of November, so I can return those soon after all are in. So again, thank you for your participation and I will look forward to returning to you new and different seeds before you know it.. Willy.

9) Please post, and if you dont return to me within a week, please email me directly at May the Lord bless you and your family....... Willy.

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