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Tricky area--help me pick foundation shrubs?

11 years ago

This is a 25 foot long flower bed in front of my house, up next to the concrete porch in front of it, on the drip line from my roof, northern exposure. There used to be a giant Arizona ash in my front yard, and I had hydrangeas and hostas there, with a bump out of polka dot plant and sometimes impatiens by the front door. When the tree was removed (rotten and in danger of taking my house out), the hydrangeas could not take the heat or the sun and were toasty crisp by the end of May. So I took them out. One end of the bed gets an hour or two of morning sun--the other end gets an hour or two of afternoon sun. There is an overhang from the porch area, but it's really not deep shade. Partial shade, I'd guess?

Anyway...I need some shrubbery in there--I don't want to put full sun plants as I'm sure they won't get enough light to be happy. What else can I choose that won't mind the runoff from the roof too badly? The only thing I can see at the big box store is a dwarf Stokes holly. I don't want anything that is going to get huge--about four feet or so is my limit. If you have any ideas, I'd appreciate it greatly.

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