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cat ate heliconias..n more advice?

15 years ago

OK i thought I had my cat under control with my heliconias, but once again he has decided to dig. 2 nights in a row he dug up my strawberry n creams.. he dug straight down the pot right in the middle..took the dirt completely out of one side..I dont know how he made such a straight dig. He got 2 tubers? I dont know what they're called. Chewed em up a bit. I put the soil and the tubers back in..any chance they will make it? He also chewed a baby that was poppin up..I think thats def a goner. This cat is really pushing his limits here. I have decided to cover the top of the pot with bug screening, with holes where the plants are coming up to keep him from digging. Going to secure it with a large rubber band around outside of pot. Only thing left for me to do! This is the only plant he messes with, I dont get it.

When a heliconia flower is done blooming do you cut the stalk? Do you cut the whole thing down? Precise instructions on that would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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