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I sowed my seeds last weekend and had visions!

13 years ago

My visions would have been just to outrageous to explain so I'll let these pics do the explain'in for me. lol

We were going to plant 30 tomato plants this year and 20 pepper plants. You know, cut back a little. Well, it didn't

work out that way. We ended up with 90 cups of tomatoes

and peppers...and I plant two tomato seeds in each cup, one

burpee Delicious and one burpee SuperSteak Hybrid. Ya always gotta have a couple extra, ya know, for give aways and defunct seeds..good excuses I guess. I believe mom planted 12 or 15 each of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Her 300 onion plants could be in this week so I can almost feel the vibrations of the tiller in my hands this weekend as I type.

Anyhow, I put a message on my garden site a week or two ago with instructions on posting pics and a few neat programs that I use for images. I took the time to add a few more programs that I use and how I created the above two images. These programs are simple programs anyone can use with a little practice.

I have to say that many here have posted some nice pics!

You all got me started a week earlier than I was going to.

Click the 'Mom's Garden Pics' link below and scroll down to...

Info for posting pics and other handy programs

Here is a link that might be useful: Mom's Garden Pics

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