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I think I direct sowed my seeds to early.....

11 years ago

About two weeks ago we had a weekend when it it naturally my impatient self got the itch to plant something. So I did.... and now its in the 20's and snowing....ugg. I have a basic, unheated hoop house in my garden so I sowed some of the following seeds, right into the soil: swiss chard, lettuce (mix) spinach, radishes, carrots and cabbage. Nothing has sprouted yet, the temp during the days has been anywhere from 20-40 with temps about 10-15 degrees warmer in the little hoop house and today its snowing. My question is what do you all think will happen with the seeds? Will they eventually sprout when the temps come up a little bit or should I consider them a loss and plan on just turning the soil over again and planting something else? There isnt any harm leaving the seeds in there but I am trying to think ahead for planing the placement of the rest of my garden. Alot depends on if these seeds will do anything.

I am secretly hoping everything will be fine but......I dont know.

Thank you in advanced for the help!!

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