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Why are some people so stupid?

15 years ago

Okay, I am not trying to slam anyone here, but recently I have noticed some stupidity when it comes to the location of some trees in our town.

There is an older shopping center that was recently updated with the addition of planting beds in the parking lot where they put trees. It will be nice when the trees get bigger since they'll provide some much needed shade to various parking areas. They also fixed up the main corner where the shopping center sign is located. There is a nice bed with some low growing nandinas and begonias (could have been a little more original). But the stupid thing they did was plant a live oak right next to the shopping center sign and directly under power lines! What was that landscape architect thinking? Did he or she even come out to look at the property before doing the design?

It must have been the same person who had live oaks put in on a busy street on the west side of our town right under more power lines.

Another thing I have noticed is people who plant large shade trees in that itty bitty little strip of dirt between the sidewalk and street. First they didn't consider the mature size of the tree that will cause the sidewalk to buckle or the inability to drive on that side of the street because they don't take the time to trim up the lower branches. Yes, we have that situation on our street - two live oaks hanging low over the street. I've seen this in other places in town too.

Another thing I saw was where someone planted a couple crape myrtles in that hell strip as some people call it. Crape myrtles aren't so bad there, but when they're planted right in front of a school zone sign, it becomes a huge problem for drivers during the school year.

Speaking of crape myrtles - how about those people who plant tall growing crape myrtles under the eaves of their single story homes? I don't even need to go there.

I think people need to take some time to think before planting trees. They need to consider the mature size of the tree, the space available, obstacles such as powerlines and also nearby street signs.

Does anyone else notice these things in your town or city? And, do you wonder if that particular person who did the planning had their head somewhere dark? ;-)

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