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update: acres tomato and pepper swap update

14 years ago

Howdee there

All mailers went out today and so sorry there is not paper or award in the mailers. I opted to not do the awards for this swap I really wanted to get them done and out so you all have them to start planting. I will start my tomatoes early to mid march. Any who I dont really have too many side notes. There was a few that sent really smaller seed packs and really small mailers those mailers got packs as full as i could get them packed and if you did not get 50 back. SEND A Bigger mailer next time. The selection was really outstanding this year and I reeally hope and believe everyone will be pretty happy.

Thanks for being in my swap and please let me know if ya have any question or if there is any confusion.


Acres Tomato and Pepper Swap Sign up

1, Carsons_mimi GOT 29 pks

2, Booberry85 Got 50 pks

3, Jill (local friend) GOT 21 pks

4, Dirt Diggins GOT 50 pks

5, Jaynine Got 21 pks

6, Patti1957 GOT 50 pks

7, Dem_pa GOT 34 pks

8, Appaloosa909 GOT 31 pks

9, Randar08 GOT 50 pks

10, Sassybutterfly2008 got 23 pks

11, Opie12 GOT 21 pks

12, kygreg GOT 50 pks plus EXTRAS

13, rane_grow GOT 50 pks

14, cyber_meows GOT 50 pks

15, Dusty314 GOT 14 pks

16, Strmywthr3 GOT 50 pks

17, Sorellina (Canada)-----------SENT

  1. The hills (Canada) GOT 50 pks

  2. Cherone7 GOT 31 pks

20 pepperfanman GOT 28 pks

  1. clay lady GOT 33 pks

22 bigvegguy

23 Benjoe

24 Dirt kickers (ClayladyÂs friend) GOT 40 pks

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