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UPDATE: Acres Edible seed swap

15 years ago


After going through over 1400 packages of seeds that were sent in. That's not counting the pile I contributed. The acres edible seed swap will be shipped out headed to all who sent in. I will go to the post office the 19th and send them. (Monday is a holiday). This swap was a great fun to put on and I hope everyone will be please of what they receive. I did my best with wish lists. I wish some of you would of sent in bigger mailers. Rather hard shoving 70 packages of seed into the smallest mailer ever. Hahaha Some of you only received what the mailer would hold and I am sorry for that. I wont say anything about the 11 that did not participate 37 people out of 48 is not bad. One did email me about it though so that's good :-)

I had great fun with this swap as I have for the last 6 years putting on this acres swap. I will surely post another swap of this nature next time this year.

Any questions please ask

Acres :-)

Note: I have a new swap with only tomatoes and peppers listed in this forum.

Swap list 2008

1. Drippy GOT MAILER 26 PKS

2 Strmywthr3 GOT MAILER 70 pks

3. DorisL -- GOT MAILER 58 pks

4. Beckilove GOT MAILER 30 PKS

5. Kandituft GOT MAILER 18 PKS

6. Luvgardening2 GOT 40 PKS

7. Thehills2 GOT MAILER 56 pks

8.Fabraholic GOT 48 PKS

9. Yogigardener GOT MAILER 42 pks

10 maricybele GOT 48 PKS

11, Danincv GOT MAILER 42 pks

  1. Skyblue52 GOT MAILER 42 pks

  2. Ourhappyhome GOT 30 PKS

  3. Arnestr GOT 70 PKS

15 Northernmich GOT MAILER 37 PKS

16 Moonphase DROP

17 Horticulturist GOT MAILER 11 pks

  1. Reginaaginar GOT MAILER 45 pks

19 Graanieb GOT MAILER 22 pks

  1. Magnolia4ever GOT MAILER 17 pks

  2. Claylady GOT MAILER 64 PKS

  3. Mommicked GOT MAILER 18 PKS

  4. Valinmich GOT MAILER 55 PKS

  5. Joppagirl1

25 Txtomaoto

  1. Tod65 GOT MAILER 70 pks

27 heather walker no email (OUT)

28 cbell GOT 28 PKS

29 Vbuff GOT MAILER 34 PKS

30 patrob

  1. Lindamarie

  2. Soleado GOTMAILER 16 PKS

33 Warrenl

34 Walktrotcanter99


36 Phantom_white GOT MAILER 35 PKS

37 Sugarshane1313

38 ganesh108

  1. Rebecca150 GOT MAILER 24 PKS

  2. Jackier123 GOT MAILER 45 PKS

  3. Ilovefarcac GOT MAILER 30 PKS

42 Hmle2217 GOT MAILER 50 PKS

  1. Booberry85 GOT MAILER 25 PKS

44 Meimei007 GOT MAILER 15 PKS


46 Seed to seed GOT MAILER 70 PKS

  1. JesseW GOT MAILER 36 PKS

  2. Lindak Sunrae

Here is a link that might be useful: original swap post

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