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Does Anyone Plant Dandelions on Purpose?

Okiedawn OK Zone 7
13 years ago

It is funny how you can be married to someone for a long time (25 years and counting) and still find out "new" stuff about them. The other day just after we left a neighbor's funeral, we were driving along a rural road and saw a lot of dandelions alongside the roadway. My husband mentioned how good dandelion greens were and how much he used to enjoy eating them with his dad. To hear him tell it, they were delicious. Well, OK, if he says so. I don't believe he's ever mentioned eating dandelions to me before, but he said his dad used to harvest them (from the yard!) every spring and cook them up. I know people have always eaten dandelions, but didn't know DH thought they were "tasty".

So, I told him I'd order the seed (I know THAT sounds ridicuous, doesn't it) and plant some for him next year. Somehow I suspect this means I'll also have to harvest them, prepare them and eat them with him.

So, if any of you like to eat dandelions, I guess what I want to know is this: what do they taste like?

I have eaten lambs-quarters if there is any similarity between their flavors.

I also should mention that DH and I do not necessarily have the same tastes in food.....he adores rhubarb and "liver and onions", both of which I can live without.

I'm not really sure if dandelions are as wonderful as he remembers, or if he was just feeling nostalgic thinking about his now-deceased dad. DH's sisters had just been in town visiting us the previous week, and it might be that their visit stirred up domant memories of....."tasty dandelions". I have nothing against dandelions, either in the yard or in the kitchen, but I don't have a good feeling about his desire to eat some of them. My sweet husband is turning into Euell Gibbons (and you have to be somewhat "older" to remember him, I guess).


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