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Plant sale extravaganza!

17 years ago

Many of you here may have discovered this wonderful place long ago, but I was just introduced to it by my friend this weekend--Meadow View Farm, in Southwick, MA (Route 10).

Apparently they're only open in May and June, not too sure, but definitely worth the trip--which is what Sarah said as she convinced me to leave my house at 7:15 on Sunday to meet up with her for the trip (driving from Danbury to Mass on Mother's Day morning did not seem such a good idea--until we arrived!!). It was a rainy, freezing day, which was great--not too many shoppers! They have rows and rows of annuals, veggies (organic and non), perennials, shrubs, hanging plants (for $13.99!!!). I'm a huge fan of Bluestone Perennials, and just got my order (16 plants for $65, which I thought was good!) but get this--65 (SIXTY FIVE!!!) plants for $120 at Meadow View!!! Get thee there before it's too late!! Happy Gardening!

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