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10 years ago

Last fall during the hurricane my neighbors tree snapped in half. We all lost trees and I understand it is expensive to have them removed. My neighbor's tree is still dangling dangerously (I hope you can see in the pic). It's a large tree (compare it to the garden arch in the lower right side of the pic). The tree could fall at any moment. The tree is 1ft from my property line. The picture is taken from my kitchen window looking out at my back yard.

When we moved in my husband and I introduced ourselves to our backyard neighbors because we were clearing out our green space of invasives and replacing them with natives. This particular neighbor very dramatically "surveyed" the area with a buddy of his (while my husband and I were working at pulling out poison ivy in the area) and not so nicely explained not to touch his side. That his how I know for a fact the tree belongs to him.

Now I am faced with the dilemma of not being able to let my kids play in our backyard because of a tree that could fall at any moment. I understand its winter and might be hard to do something about it now but it has been dangling since the fall and he has not once mentioned it to us. My kids miss playing in the yard and part of why we moved here is because of the fact that there are woods for my sons to play in. Now they are playing in the street.

I'm afraid to ask the neighbor of his plans without causing an argument. What would you do?

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