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Mealy bug infestation in Oak Tree

14 years ago


I have a Live Oak in my yard that is absolutely infested with what I assume to be mealy bugs. It started several years ago and has been growing in scope each successive summer. This year, I see more fuzzy white than I do green when I look up from the base of the tree. None of my other trees or those of any of the neighbors seem to be affected.

What can I do to help my tree? It's an otherwise beautiful and healthy tree, but it's starting to really drop leaves at this point as the life is sucked right out of it. I've tried several sprays and while they seem to have some little affect, the problem is obviously growing. As it has now spread to the upper limbs, as well, it is too difficult for me to practically spray at those lofty heights.

Any advice would be welcome!

Thank you,


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