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Mealy bugs on clematis Please Help

15 years ago


I never posted here before. I am new to gardening, only have one since this year when I got married. The present backyard was dog playground before. Nothing was growing except weeds.

I have planted 4 clematis and some roses this year, in a townhouse backyard that is the last in the row. After this, it's an space with trees, shurbs and garbage dumped by people.

I am fighting to keep my plants alive.

I have earwigs. I started using the traps.

But now I have a mealybug infestation. There is a large fruiting tree ( makes fruits that look like berries, green and turn dark red when ripe) I don't know the English word for it, but in my country these trees used to be caterpilar magnets. I just noticed that all the mealy bugs that I kept on picking from my new young clematis come from above, from this tree. This tree is so heavily infested, there must be thousand mealybugs on it. Now there all falling? on my yeard, and I keep finding them on my clemies.

The tree is just outside the yard, and the management would not do anything about it. What can I do to prevent my yard plants and clemies from being destroyed? I am so desperate! I really spent a lot of money and time to make this yard look decent, and now it's being destroyed.... Please help!

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