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Did i buy the wrong BWB pot? Only want to make pints.

14 years ago

Well, today I finally broke down and bought a few canning supplies. I've finally drawn up the courage, and have enough peppers, to make Annie's Habanero Gold.

After pulling out all the stuff from my canning pot (which came with a jar rack) I discovered that they have an 11.5 Quart Canner for pint jars. I bought the 21.5 quart canner for quart jars. This was the only one they had. Canning supplies go quick at this somewhat rural Walmart. The pint jars fit the rack- but are rather loose. Is this a problem? Should I return the pot? I don't think I'll ever need quart jars of anything that I will can. At least not any time soon.

I didn't realize that this was for quart jars only. Could I use dish towels or tin foil to help stabilize the jars? Is that even necessary?


I bought wide mouth Kerr pint jars. The lids and rings are silver and say self sealing. The only packets of lids (the little flat things) they had for sale separately are gold and do not say self sealing. Can I use the gold lids with the silver rims?

Thank you in advance for your experience and opinions. I read here off and on and have learned a lot but I'm really nervous about my first canning adventure.

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