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Roselovers-Who are your hot weather superstars?

15 years ago

Hello All! I was admiring the garden this morning and noticed that some of my roses are going "above and beyond" in the blooming department despite the 90 degree weather and frequent rain showers. Who are your champions in the blooming and general overall health department? Mine are -

Vincent Godsif - Healthy plant, lots of clean foliage and HOT pink blooms.

Old Blush - While the blooms are smaller this time of year, it is covered with pale pink blooms and not a speck of BS.

The Fairy - While I have a love/hate relationship with this rose due to it's wicked thorns, I do have to love it for it's sprays of blooms and shiny foliage.

The Gift - Again, wicked thorns, but it's sprays of white blooms scent the entire yard!

So who are your champs? I have 3 roses I am going to replace this winter so enable me!


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