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Trip To Cottage Garden Daylilies (Photos)

13 years ago

Hi All,

I've been very busy with my business so I haven't posted in some time. Though I do come check out the photos once in awhile which I love to see. Anyway, Wren-Garden/Elizabeth, my friend Hilde, and I took our annual trek to Cottage Gardens Daylilies out in Medina, NY. Some of you may remember previous year's posts.

This year was hot and sunny, and fun as usual. Here's a few pics.

Win Way

Flash of Brilliance

Electric Lizard

Primal Scream

Graywood Allie and Katz

Only Believe, this is one of the ones I bought.

Mask of Eternity

Didn't find the tag, but it was beautiful.

Pink Circle

Halloween Masquerade

To see the all the photos, click on the link. The first half of the pages are the daylily field daylilies. There's then a few of the seedling field. The second half are the house gardens daylilies. Oh I should note that they haven't had hardly any rain since spring. So it was nice to see which ones were doing well in such conditions.


Here is a link that might be useful: PhotoBucket Album of Cottage Garden Dayliles

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