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Cottage Gardens Daylilies Trip

13 years ago

Hi All,

I made a trip again to Cottage Gardens Daylilies with a few friends yesterday. The weather started off really bad in the morning. It was pouring rain, but by the time we got there, it had slowed down, and then it rained lightly on and off while we were there. By the time we left the sun finally came, lol.

Brent, the owner, remembered us from last year. He still has not figured out which daylily bloomed.(If anyone remembers the post.) I think this year he will.

Here's a pic.

Anyway, we got to talk and he told me someone actually drove from Ohio because of my pics! I told him about my business and he asked for a card and we finished talking.

Here a pic of Brent.

He comes back a bit later and tells me what a great site I have. He went inside and looked it up, lol. We ended up talking a little more. This coming weekend is the big AHS trip and the buses will be coming. I think those coming will really love it. There were a ton of buds on everything and it should be the height of bloom for many varieties.

Here's one of his seedlings I bought named Debbie 4. Debbie is his wife.Oh, I told him Remy would be a good name for a variety, lol.

Here's a new intro of his.

I bought Watchyl Lavender Blue.

I also bought a few Munsons. I bought Sovereign Queen.

I also bought this NOID Munson. The whole clump looked so good.

There are a lot of photos on my photobucket album. The first pages 1-5 are of the main field. The next page is of the seedling area. Then the rest are of the newer cultivar and house garden area. I tried to take closeup and clumps and get names of most of them. It was a bit difficult at times when it started to rain to get good pics, but I hope you enjoy them.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cottage Gardens Daylilies 09

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