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Visit to Daylilies by the Pond

Cindy zone 6a
13 years ago

All I can say is wow. The 2 hour drive was well worth it. My sister in law and I ( who both have the DL crazies) visited today. It was raining at first, but then did clear up. Sara was an absolute hoot!!! Too funny and very informative. Her gardens were stunning. So much to see, she has many other plants, the hosta gardens were so peaceful and she showed us many of her newer plants. I noticed that she had lots of bulb lilies planted throughout the daylilies. Her gardens were just loaded with all sorts of interesting 'hardscape', many items hand made. She dug up everything, only a few ahead of time, from our for sure lists we had e mailed to her. I got Art Gallery Fringe, Awesome Blossom, Beautiful Edgings, Blueberry Breakfast, Circle of Friends, Lord of Rings, Sayville, Toss of the Dice, Barbara Mitchell, Victorian Lace and she gave me a nice healthy fan of Ducks' Luck for a bonus!! Most of our purchases had healthy scapes on them too.!!!Picked up a couple of hosta, and then she filled bags with Lupine that she dug up and peach leaved bellflowers!! It was like a special holiday with all the treats. She was super, super nice. We will make the trip again when everything is in full bloom. A few pics of her hostas , and her very friendly cat, Pickles, in the gardens.


Pickles the friendly cat

Sara showing us her bowling ball artwork

hosta garden

daylilies all around the pond, you can see all the white labels, a ton of daylilies ready to bloom.

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