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Fun morning! Visited a daylily farm - part 1

I'll split this into a few posts, I'll try to get it all posted in the next day or two. My staycation is quickly coming to an end (back to work bright and early Monday), so I won't have much spare time after tomorrow. Anyway, I somehow found out about this daylily farm through Facebook in the fall or winter. Their opening day was just a couple of days ago, and I decided to make the 50 minute trip to Along The Fence Daylilies in Dansville, MI today. The owner, Saundra Dunn, was super nice - I contacted her in advance to get their catalog and ask if it would be okay if I took pictures. One of the things I will be doing with the pictures is posting the individual blooms on ATP if the cultivar does not have many pictures. I spoke with Saundra briefly this morning when I got there, and she told me to feel free to remove spent blooms, as they were not doing any hybridizing right now. Here's the first batch of pictures, I will say more about the garden in another post (it was great). I took pictures of the blooms that I was not familiar with or had not seen in person before - if you are reading these posts, I hope you see some 'new to you' dayllies too!

Winging It - Davisson, 2005

Winged Migration - Lambertson, 2003 - right up my alley!

Jungle Man - Gossard, 2006

Brainstorm - Owen, 2009 - funky color

Muscle and Blood - Bachman, 2003

Flying Saucer Blues - Lambertson, 2000

Galaxy Explosion - Burris, 2003 - I think I've seen pictures of this one before, I really liked it in person!

Solaris Orbit - Bremer, 2003 - Very pretty!

Harmonic Dreaming - Hanson, 1999

Holy Promise - Bell, 2000

That's all for now, I will try to post another group tonight or in the morning. Thanks for looking!

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